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Ecp Services, Llc. Ambulance Billing And Consulting

About the Owner

My name is Galen Perkins, and I got my start in the EMS industry with a large private ambulance service in 2002, where I was originally hired to serve in building and grounds maintenance. Over the next 12 years, I worked my way up through the company by moving into the billing office, obtaining my EMT-Basic license, serving on the ambulance, working in every billing-related capacity, and advancing through the leadership ranks into a management position.

My time serving in the field and administratively in the office allowed me to advance my skill set in management, training, process improvement, report writing, data analysis and automation. As my development progressed, our company expanded their business offerings to include third-party billing services for ambulance companies. When I began my career in the office, I joined a team of 6 people handling the billing operations for one company. After 10 years, I managed a department of 24 employees, handling the billing for 50 EMS organizations.

I started ECP Services because I understand the challenges facing EMS organizations all across the country. Reimbursement is low, budgets are tight, and it results in hardworking members of the EMS industry filling too many roles and stretching themselves too thin. Managing EMS organizations is like a mass casualty incident, because everyday, you put your triaging skills to the test. You meet your response times, keep your crews engaged and make sure they have everything they need to save lives, but when insurance carriers and transportation brokers find new strategies to deny you the reimbursement you deserve, there's not much time left to fully resolve those issues. You have projects, too, ones that can take your organization to the next level. Some of those projects live. Some of them die.

I want to help your organization put away those black tags forever. You no longer have to choose which projects will live and which ones will die. You no longer have to choose which reimbursement issues are worth your time. Just choose ECP. We'll take it from there.  

What Does ECP Stand For?

It's often the first question I am asked when introducing my company to a colleague. My reply? It depends on what you need! Maybe you need Emergency Claims Production services, where we can step in at a moment's notice if your billing staff is out on leave. Maybe you need assistance designing or carrying out an Effective Compliance Program, complete with a detailed, independent, periodic audit of your claims. Perhaps you need your billing system configured to execute an Efficient Collections Process. With ICD-10 looming, we can quickly convert your existing codes and Eliminate any Coding Problems, and Ensure Cash flow Protection (okay, I stretched that one a little). You get the idea.

The point is, at ECP Services, we make Every Client a Priority, making sure that your best interests come first. So whether you need us to provide a complete revenue cycle solution, or just give you a little extra help when you need it, rest assured that we will not be satisfied until Every Claim is Paid!

What ECP Stands For