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Ecp Services, Llc. Ems Billing And Revenue Recovery

What We Offer

ECP Services, LLC is, and will always be, 100% NAAC Certified. We share a passion for revenue recovery, customer service, and a dedication to excellence. We integrate with most Patient Care Reporting software platforms, provide comprehensive financial reporting, and have developed best practices for billing compliance, release of information, and secure payment handling to ensure that your interests are protected. We handle all tasks that are essential to an effective billing operation, including Medicare enrollment paperwork and CMS revalidations.

  • Short term contracts, so you can maintain flexibility and control.
  • E-PCR Integration Solutions.
  • Experienced, accurate claims processing and accounts receivable follow up.
  • Innovative thinking and unique approaches to breaking down reimbursement barriers.
  • Complete transparency, including access to billing software and clearinghouse account.
  • Unparalleled customer service for both you and the patients you serve.
  • A wide variety of secure payment options for your patients.
  • Financial and operational reporting, with experience creating custom reports.
  • Processing of all necessary revalidation and enrollment paperwork.
  • A true partnership approach, with consistent feedback to your organization to work together and responsibly maximize revenue.

If you are already outsourcing your Accounts Receivable, and are considering making a change, think about the relationship you have with your current billing company. Are they a vendor, or are they a partner? Are they out on an island, operating at a distance? At ECP Services, we believe that a billing company's effectiveness is limited if you only hear from them a few times a year. Every billing agency will tout their capabilities for integration. But true integration happens when your company and ours work together regularly to ensure that your needs are being met.

A truly Integrated Approach

So, you've decided to outsource your Accounts Receivable to a third-party billing agency. If this is your first time considering a billing agency, the prospect of giving up control of such an important aspect of your business is a daunting one, even if the move is necessary to catch up and sustain your billing operations.

If you are considering outsourcing your billing operation, there may be a better way! Choose ECP Services, LLC, and keep control of your billing. We can offer setup and access to a premium web-based billing software, and clearinghouse, keeping everything streamlined and up to date. Then, we can offer you as much staffing as you need to carry out your essential billing processes.

Whether we just provide you with an occasional lift, or if we are doing the heavy lifting, ECP Services can truly integrate with your company and provide you with a more flexible, more cost-effective billing solution than the competition.

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