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So you need to hire an ambulance billing specialist... we've been there. You'll post an ad, sift through resumes and hire the best candidate you can. Will they have ambulance billing experience? Odds are, probably not. You'll need to spend hundreds of hours training your new hire before they are ready to make a lasting contribution. At last, there is a better way!

With ECP Services, you can have a Certified Ambulance Coder on your system ready to go in a matter of days! We'll work with your staff to make sure we understand your procedures, and hit the ground running. Because we get paid for the work we do, not how long it takes to do it, you'll spend a fraction of what it costs to train a new associate, and give yourself maximum flexibility for future staffing needs. Click here to find out more!

Looking to Hire an Ambulance Billing Specialist?

Look No Further - Hire ECP!

Our Vision

Over the last decade, we have seen a clear trend: ambulance agencies are turning to third-party billing companies to recover their revenue. It's time to reverse that trend.

We can help ambulance companies leverage new technologies to reach unparalleled levels of efficiency, and provide them the support they need to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

If you have already outsourced your billing to an external agency, there's no reason you can't take it back. We can help. If you currently do your own billing, we can help you keep it.

There's nothing wrong with using a third-party billing company. But make that choice because you want to, not because there is no other option. And if you do make that choice, choose ECP!

Ecp Services, Llc. Ambulance Billing And Consulting

ECP Services, LLC offers years of experience providing innovative billing services to clients in 5 states and 3 Medicare jurisdictions, for small, medium and large EMS services. We bring new ideas and creative problem solving to clients in order to recover revenue responsibly and efficiently.

ECP Services... to protect and sustain your cash flow

Welcome to ECP Services, LLC, providing fully customizable EMS and Fire billing solutions tailored to your organization. Unlike most billing agencies, we believe that outsourcing your billing operations is not the right solution for everyone. With that in mind, we offer a suite of custom billing solutions, ranging from the occasional consultation, to full service billing operations with ePCR, and everything in between!